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Democrats Become Today’s Chicken Little

Democrats Become Today’s Chicken Little

We have all heard the story of Chicken Little, how an acorn fell on his head, he knew the sky was falling, so he ran through his village screaming that the world was at an end, the sky was falling and set them all off on a panic. Of course, the story ended with him realizing it was not the sky falling, he then set off to restore calm and in the process his reputation, this is where he and the Democrats part ways.

We have heard since the day Trump was elected, the world as we knew it would end, that any LGBT rights that were gained, they would all be lost, you had commentators on TV say, “If you need an abortion you better get one now!” And let’s not forget the host of other claims, Trump Colluded with the Russians to throw the elections, that he was going to set us off to war with someone (never knew whom, it changed from day to day), along with this came a rush of other accusations. Now unlike Chicken Little, when the accusations turned out to be false, or there was shown absolutely no truth behind them, did they correct the mistakes and try to restore their reputation? Of course not, they were too busy trying to rush off on some new piece of garbage to throw at Trump, and while they were doing this, they were on the TV, in the Newspaper articles screaming that somehow Trump was ruining their reputation, seems they either too blind or so wrapped up in their Trump dementia that they could not see this small fact. One has to wonder, how did the democrats ever fall to such a low state?

It is really sad, in 1972 Gallup started asking Americans, how well do you trust the news, in 1976 it reached a high point of 76% of Americans had to trust in what the news was presenting, the reason was rather simple, they did not try to push out political leanings in their news, they did their best to keep it apolitical, then let the viewers decide for themselves. As we went into the 80’s, we still did not see the dive we have now, you could find differences, but at least the media was still trying to give the perception of being apolitical, in the 90’s we saw the Iraq War, CNN was the most watched cable news there was, there was little or no political posturing by them, and the people loved the site, today it is one of the least trust sites on the news, and why? First, you have such a open political bias they don’t even bother to mask it, you had during the last elections leftist anchors openly crying as  democrats because Trump won, who ever heard of such things, Cronkite is most likely turning in his grave, and MSNBC, ABC, CBS, Time, News Week, USA Today, all news we grew up trusting, no one trust these sites any longer, that is unless you are a socialist or an Antifa  supporter. You have reporters from there sits in the white house press corps, although we understand the need to gather news, to have the questions posed, something a three-year-old would ask again and again, then open political posturing while outside the white house after, it has destroyed the reputation in these news sites. The problem isn’t having political commentators, I am one, but it is presenting yourself as a news reporter, pretending you are not one, this destroys the trust people have on these sites.

The other difference is the way the press covers the Trump Administration vs the Obama. They press was so far in bed with Obama and his administration, they were actually colluding with Obama and covering for him, refusing to report on items that could paint him in a bad light, when they ran interviews they threw nothing but softball questions at him, yet acted like he was the new messiah in this country was shattering around us, one started to wonder if they were the democrats operatives instead of the press corps. They preached and supported racial divisive issues, you see now the full attacks on the so called “White Privilege”, the outright hypocrisy and lies coming from the left leaning news, and the full melt down we witnessed when in spite of them doing all they could to tell us Americans not to bother voting, Americans defied them and the polls and voted the way they wished, Trump was elected, from that time on they openly turned on the American people for betraying them and anyone that voted for trump that we were racist, homophobic, xenophobic and loved to push little ladies in wheelchairs off of cliffs. And please don’t think I am giving FOX a break on this, they have their own share of problems, but at least they will openly tell you where they are coming from, you have people like Juan Williams, they had Bob Beckel (until he was fired for inappropriate remarks), and other liberal hosts on their site, they have many that will openly tell you they did not support or vote for Trump, some that are openly hostile towards him, yet they are given a voice.

So what can we do to help, and what is the future of the old major powers, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and their internet spin-offs? They will always be there, but many are looking for something new, where news is once more presented in an apolitical way, trusting you the viewer or reader to make up your own mind, journalism was intended to present the news, not manipulate it, to trust you to have the ability to decide what is newsworthy, what to trust and what not to. Can the above-listed sites do this? I seriously doubt it, I think they are too tainted to come back to what they once were. So how is it going to be done, we are looking in the future to being in reporters, but are not at that point yet, when we do we will keep it as an offense that could result in termination of employment if caught. While this is in the future, in the meantime what we have to do is sift through all the news, see what is viable or not, check the sources, and see if that is something that looks like it is believable, then sift out the political opinions from the story, we feel this is too much to ask people, sadly this is what we are stuck with unless you can get raw feeds, and that is a whole level of difficulty by itself.

Sadly today we are in a place where we wonder where the news went and democratic talking points took over.



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