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Ilhan Calls For UN Occupation Of US

Ilhan Calls For UN Occupation Of US

We have heard enough of the four, seen their responses in ways that are anti-American, but the one thing we have never stood for was the occupation of our sovereign land, not Ilhan is asking for this by the UN.

Make no mistake, the UN is not the friend of the US, they want all nations controlled by this entity that is not in step with the values we as Americans show, is a wasted and bloated organization, yet she wants them to come here and occupy our land, thus giving up US sovereignty over some of our territory.

In a speech Ilhan said that we should do what other nations do, call the UN High Commissioner on Refugees, to allow the UN onto our southern border and control the borders.

She went on to say that our border security, not allowing illegals in is a gross violation of human rights. This was the reason she felt the UN should be called, they, not us, should be in control of our border, that we should step back and allow them to dictate to us our security.

The question I think one should ask, how has this worked out for Europe, not with enclaves that the authorities dare not enter, where people send out morality gangs that attack women they deem are misbehaving or dressed in an immoral way, at least according to their Islamic moral beliefs.

This does not bring up the fact that more people have joined terrorist and other radical Islamic groups around the world then anyplace else in the US than from the area that Ilhan represents, but she wants to see this expanded.

What is more, now we see her embroiled in a host of corruption, marriage to family to give them visa’s, affairs outside of her marriage while lecturing us on her moral superiority, we have had enough.

Calling for the US to give up any sovereignty over any part of our nation is treasonous, not to mention the reaction places like Texas would have towards having foreign troops on our side of the US borders, would most likely quickly escalate into a shooting conflict, yet this is what Ilhan is calling for.

The question we need to ask is, “Do we want Chinese, Iranian, or any other nation’s soldiers under the UN flag ever placed on our sovereign territory?” It seems once more Ilhan has shown how little she understands the US, we value our sovereignty, trying to put troops on our own land would quickly escalate to violence. We must ask ourselves, “Is this really what the ultimate aim is, to bring in forces to control us since she can’t?”

Ilhan Omar is the best politician that we have ever seen to promote the GOP, just listening to her is driving people over to vote for anyone but the DNC. We should be thankful for her, Rashida, and AOC, they have aided more the GOP cause then all the money spent on commercials.

About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.


  1. Eric Swanson

    Post some facts on why Omar is even relevant. I don’t understand it. She is a junior congresswoman. Her ideas are radical and blatantly unAmerican. All true Americans are tired of hearing about her and The Four Horsemen.

    • user

      She and OAC are the voice behind the DNC, I would say with the party rapidly heading further and further to the south, with Pelosi losing control of the party, what they state is very relevent.

    • Mike

      You spelled horsemen wrong. It should be whoresmen

      • C


  2. Cobrarog

    Now that ISIS has been defeated, we need to send Ilhan and all of Obama’s Muslim imports back to their home country where they can practice their religion and enjoy their culture!! Perhaps she can take AOC with her!

    • Adrienne

      I agree 100% !!

  3. James Green

    This is insurrection & treason! She should be removed from office immediately! I can’t believe someone in elected office in the USA is calling for the overthrow of our government & sovereignty!


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